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2013 Big Buck Club

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Description: On opening day this deer was shot. A flicker of white quickly developed into this big buck walking towards me. a double-lung shot with a .270 and he reared up and then crashed at my feet. After hunting this area for 25 plus years with a buddy/cousin of mine, Greg Lazarus..Ive finally got into the big buck club. Against all odds it was without him here, he hunts this spot faithfully as I do. It happened to be residents only day, so he was out of luck being a resident of New Hampshire. After hitting trees, having big bucks give us the slip, and just plain buck fever..this one didnt get away. The buck is a 7 point, and weighed 240lbs. Sincerly, Ross Turcotte
Type of Deer:
Points: 7
Inside Spread: 17"
Location: Skowhegan, ME
Size: 234-243 lbs
Keywords: Big Buck deer
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Submitted by turcotte on Sun, 11/03/2013 - 11:41am

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